Contact info:
Dragan Miladinović
Smederevska Palanka
Tel: 026/376-727
Mob: 063/315-274

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Stonecutter "Dragan" - Welcome

Owner: Dragan Miladinović, stone cutter, mechanical engineer, Smederevska Palanka

kamenorezacka radionica Stonecutter "Dragan" is engaged in processing and shaping of stone (marble, granite and terrazzo) for the construction and arrangement of graves and construction purposes. The experience of over four decades in the business, guaranteeing the highest quality workmanship and consistent respect for deadlines. The workshop is Equipped with quality machines and tools, with which it is possible to produce the most complex forms of the elements of stone.
Hundreds, perhaps thousands of tombstone monuments made, speak enough about our past work.

Some of our works, you can see at the gallery page.

Briefly about the company, a workshop, where we are ..

google mapaThe company headquarters and production workshop, is located on the main road Smederevska Palanka - Velika Plana, two kilometers from Smederevska (near the crossroads village of Vodice). Our action is not limited to local places, but if necessary we work for clients in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Pozarevac. The location of our production workshop, which is 75km away from Belgrade, is not an obstacle to engage us, primarily because of the quality, then a price that is significantly lower than competing companies in Belgrade. Delivery and installation is done on the territory of Serbia (Belgrade, Smederevo, Požarevac, Kragujevac,etc.)

Some of the services we provide:

  • Making gravestones
  • Design and installation of cover panels of marble, granite and terrazzo
  • Restoration of old memorial monuments
  • Writing articles and years on memorial monuments, by machine or manually (carving letters in stone)

Contact us, check the price of monument model that interests you.

Business data, APR registration

Owner of the shop Dragan Miladinović, a mechanical engineer from Smederevska Palanka. Administrative action is registered in the municipality of Velika Plana, but physically is much closer to Palanka. ID number: 56820434, PIB: 56820434.

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